Dimensional & Carved Signs

Our dimensional signs are completely custom designed and fabricated to meet your specifications, circumstances, design and budget needs. Our in-house design staff, project managers, production and fabrication experts, and installation crew offer you a professional, knowledgeable and pain-free process of acquiring dimensional signs and lettering for your business.

Types of Dimensional Signage

  • Applicable to both exterior and interior signs
  • Dimensional letters made of: formed plastic, PVC, metal, aluminum composite, etc.
  • Can be integrated with a sign to add more dimension & interest
  • Standalone dimensional lettering flush or stud-mounted, which can be installed with spacers to bring the letters out from the wall.
  • Great for an entranceway, notable building, main entrance, auditorium, etc.
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Benefits of Dimensional Signs

  • Classy, artistic, prestigious, sleek signage
  • Usually accepted in all communities and especially those with sign height restrictions
  • A perfect option for an individual business to stand out and grab people’s attention/interest
  • May be customized while staying compliant with any ordinances

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