Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding ground signs, typically with architectural elements, separate from buildings and other structures. These allow you to showcase your business close to the passerby, usually away from any obstructions, making a statement with the highest visibility. Monuments can be fabricated from a very wide range of materials and have a low profile, with little to no open space between the sign and the ground. Monument signs add a touch of architecture, and often include a concrete or other support structure at the base, while accompanied by dimensional lettering, sign panels, graphics, and internal or external lighting.

Monument signs are the most functional and versatile type of sign, usually positioned at a business’s entrance, including office buildings, corporate headquarters, churches, school, colleges, shopping centers, and neighborhoods. Monument signs provide a sense of permanence, credibility, quality, and establishment, offering a memorable, prestigious and impressive advertisement for your business or organization.

Our monument signs are completely custom designed and fabricated to meet your specifications, circumstances, design and budget needs. Our in-house design staff, project managers, production and fabrication experts, and installation crew offer you a professional, knowledgeable and pain-free process of acquiring a new monument sign for your business.

Types of Monument Signs

  • Individual business or organization signs
  • Outdoor Directories
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated signs
  • Residential or neighborhood signs
rochester monument sign installers freestanding sign

Benefits of Monument Signs

  • Lower profile than other signs, providing a direct line of sight for passerby’s
  • Weather-resistant & long-lasting due to their materials, construction and ground footing
  • Usually accepted in all communities and especially those with sign height restrictions
  • A perfect option for an individual business or multi-tenant and multi-building office parks or shopping centers
  • Being very versatile signage, there are endless shapes and components that can be manufactured with several different types of construction materials
  • May be customized while staying compliant with any ordinances

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