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Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Electric sign cabinets from Vital Signs are made out of extruded aluminum and high quality electric components from the U.S.A. These can be made into custom shapes and have a wide variety of options for faces including vacuum formed faces, flat translucent faces, and push through acrylic faces for added “pop”.
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Single Sided Sign Cabinets

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution to your illuminated signage needs, single-sided sign cabinets are the best option. Constructed from extruded aluminum and featuring top-notch American made electrical components, our sign cabinets are built to last. Using UV-resistant coatings and interior weatherproofing, your cabinet sign will easily stand up to the elements. Cabinet signs can be installed or mounted in a variety of ways, and illuminated using a variety of methods.sign cabinets aluminum illuminated installers rochester ny

Sign Cabinet with Routed Push-Through Copy

Routed Push-Through Sign Cabinets are often required by landlords or design review organizations when they do not allow standard sign cabinets with an acrylic face. Standard sign cabinets, even though they are often useful and cost-effective, are not very attractive.

Routed Push-Through sign cabinets begin with a CNC routing and aluminum face, leaving a negative space for the letters. The signs copy is then routed out of a sheet of translucent Acrylic. The profile is a slightly smaller size than the routed letter hole from the aluminum sheet. This process will allow the letter to be “pushed through” the face. Letters are then fastened into one piece by gluing the flange portion of clear or white Acrylic from the back and bolted into place using aluminum studs.rochester ny monument signs company

Custom Shaped Sign Cabinets

Custom shaped sign cabinets are hand made by our experienced sign fabricators. When you go outside the standard square or rectangle, there are numerous factors requiring consideration.

Custom shapes have a significant impact on the cost of your project. Curves and sharp angles require vital metalwork, which can drive up the labor to produce your sign. You will need the most experienced fabricator to tackle your unique design requirements and find ways for you to save time and money. Vital Signs has those resources and the expertise to design and fabricate the most complicated designs.rochester ny monument signs company

Double Sided Sign Cabinets

Double Sided Sign Cabinets from Vital Signs are a cost-effective form of advertising. The simple design is easy to fabricate and install, and requires very little service as time goes on. Each sign cabinet is fabricated from high quality extruded aluminum, and features only the best American Made electrical components.rochester sign cabinets aluminum illuminated installers

Fully Custom Sign Cabinets

Our sign cabinets are completely custom designed and fabricated to meet your specifications, circumstances, design and budget needs. Our in-house design staff, project managers, production and fabrication experts, and installation crew offer you a professional, knowledgeable and pain-free process of acquiring a new cabinet sign for your business.

sign cabinets aluminum illuminated installers rochester ny

Benefits of Sign Cabinets

  • Illuminated signage allowing your sign to be viewed at nighttime, and draw attention to your business
  • Weather-resistant & long-lasting due to their materials, construction and ground footing
  • Usually accepted in all communities and especially those with sign height restrictions
  • A perfect option for an individual business as a building or monument sign
  • May be customized while staying compliant with any ordinances

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