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Why Vital Signs is the wrap company you should choose for your vehicle, truck, trailer and boat wraps

Professional wrap design

A full, in-house graphics team

Skilled Wrap Installers

3M Certified Installation Crew

High Capacity Install Facility

15,000 Sq. Ft. Facility

Wrap Credentials

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3M Certified Graphics Installation Company?

What does it mean?

Being a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company means all our graphic installs are held to the exacting standards set forth by 3M and the United Applications Standards Group (UASG): the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in the industry. For graphic installation, this is the benchmark of high achievement. Our staff has gone through extensive installation training, testing, and even company auditing to insure we uphold these standards. This is what separates VITALSIGNS from the average installers that have flooded the market, who many times use inferior products as well.

VITALSIGNS is a Rochester wrap company that specializes in the high-quality boat wraps. If you are seeking an experienced boat wrap company, we can take your vision and give  your boat a flashy, sleek, new look. Just imagine the looks you’ll get with the hottest looking boat in the marina!

Since 1999, we have been assisting Rochester boat owners with their boat and vehicle wrap needs.

A boat wrap involves covering a boat from the water line up. In some applications we can also wrap up over the rub rail, wrap the console, and other custom coverings.

We can custom-design a digitally-printed boat wrap, or choose a solid color for a color change to your boat. We use 3M, Avery and Oracal vinyl wrap films. You can come and see what colors from each of these manufacturers we have available.

VITALSIGNS is one of the most experienced and trusted boat wrap companies in the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY area. We employ a 3M Certified wrap installer team who can execute any kind of boat wrap imaginable, on any type of vessel. Whether you have a small fishing boat, a Cigarette race boat or yacht, VITALSIGNS is your go-to company for all of your vinyl wrap needs.

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Bass Boat Wraps!

Are you a pro fisherman? Do you have sponsors?  We wrap bass boats, and can wrap your tow vehicle to match.

Our Process

Our process of operating and departmental structure ensures a smooth, professional handling of your project

Project Management

Pricing & estimating

graphic design

Printing & production

Fabrication & Finishing

Installation & Completion

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