Wayfinding signs

rochester wayfinding signsWhat is Wayfinding?

The main function of wayfinding signage is to inform & safely guide people though a possibly unfamiliar environment. First, a comprehensive plan is created to familiarize people in the physical space and provide direction & assistance to get people to designated points within the environment.

Messages conveyed on interior and exterior wayfinding signage minimize a person’s natural confusion when navigating a new and unfamiliar facility. The main component of wayfinding design is signage. Wayfinding design and sign systems work in unison to create a safe, efficient and comfortable environment for visitors. Clear, legible, and detailed messages must be placed strategically in the correct location and visible to all – regardless of language or physical ability.

Remaining current with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and local accessibility regulations is vital to the development and implementation of a successful and compliant wayfinding sign system. Our Creative teams of experienced sign consultants follow any changes and provide ADAAG-related consulting to clients.

VITALSIGNS’ wayfinding design staff strives to effectively communicate clients’ individual needs, assure the development of a comprehensive wayfinding signage solution, and successfully determine the ideal solution for each environment. The team of account executives, experienced designers and project managers are experts in all forms of signage design and can help clients create effective interior and exterior sign programs.

Creating effective wayfinding sign systems involves taking into account the environment along with comprehensive branding experience. The Graphic Design for these projects requires specific attention to line of sight, traffic patterns, accessibility, usability issues, human behavior, landscape, engineering, and manufacturing materials. These considerations are crucial to the success of both indoor and outdoor wayfinding systems.

Fully custom wayfinding signs

Our Wayfinding signs are completely custom designed and fabricated to meet your specifications, circumstances, design and budget needs. Our in-house design staff, project managers, production and fabrication experts, and installation crew offer you a professional, knowledgeable and pain-free process of acquiring a new channel wayfinding sign for your business.

rochester wayfinding ada signs

Benefits of Wayfinding signs

  • Very visible, bright and professional signage
  • Being very versatile signage, there are endless ways they can be constructed, colored, and illuminated
  • Eye-catching, illuminated or non-illuminated signage that can be installed outdoors or indoors
  • Made up of durable, long-lasting materials

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