Flat Panel Signs

Flat Panel signs are signs consisting of a rigid panel made with an aluminum composite, PVC, omega signboard, or lusterboard sign substrate, with vinyl graphics on one or both sides. 

Panel Signs are typically used by businesses and organizations as a main attached business sign, or post & panel sign to attract passerby’s driving down the road. In both instances, the sign can be illuminated externally for nighttime viewability.

Flat panel signs have some premium options to add some dimension, with custom-routed dimesional letters, dimensional logo, and so on.

Our Flat Panel signs are completely custom designed and fabricated to meet your specifications, circumstances, design and budget needs. Our in-house design staff, project managers, production and fabrication experts, and installation crew offer you a professional, knowledgeable and pain-free process of acquiring a flat panel sign for your business.

Types of Flat Panel Signs

  • Attached Building Signs
  • Post & Panel Freestanding Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Development / Site Signs
rochester building sign panel fpr businesses

Benefits of Flat Panel Signs

  • Economical form of permanent signage
  • Panel substrate can be custom-routed to any shape
  • Can be used as a 1- or 2-sided sign for passerby’s to see from both directions (for freestanding sign)
  • Weather-resistant & long-lasting due to their materials, construction and solid installation
  • Being very versatile signage, the face is a full canvas from which an effective, message that “pops” gets your business seen
  • May be customized while staying compliant with any ordinances

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